eBook is an essential component of Digital Marketing which is a key success factor for any business.

OjOLure HTML5 experts will turn any document you have and with very minimum effort to a modern HTML5 eBook.

This is just the beginning, our designers will enrich the content of the eBook by adding talking characters, animation, sound, videos and others.

Simple eBook (converted from pdf) :

Animated eBook:


Why eBook?

High Flexibility – A flipbook can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a book, a periodical, a company brochure, a technical manual, a comic strip, websites...anything!

High Impact – A flipbook can convey practically any text and image just as well, if not better than traditional print. In fact, thanks to interactive graphic design, flipbooks can be even more colorful, appealing, and eye-catching than print materials ever could be.

Advertising Income – Flipbooks can contain links throughout the content to products, companies, or any other advertising opportunity you want to take advantage of! Promote your own work, or bring in extra profit by selling ad space.

Larger Outreach - Print one document and you can give it to one person to read. Maybe once they’re done, they’ll hand it to someone else...but this is already too slow for your liking, we can tell! Create one flipbook, though, and you’ve created a single piece of virtual content that can be accessed and spread among an unlimited number of readers at once!

Incredible Interactivity – A flipbook retains the same comforting, user-friendly page-flipping experience which still appeals to modern readers.

And this doesn’t even begin to fathom the incredible positive environmental impact that comes into play when you no longer have to chop down swaths of trees for paper or deal with trash from discarded materials.

From this quick glimpse into how flipbooks are revolutionizing digital reading, it’s easy to see why countless businesses and individual clients are rapidly incorporating them in every way imaginable. Maybe it’s time for you to do the same!



OjOLure Framework 1.0 (Jan 2013)

OjO WO is the first application created from the OjOLure Framework. 

      • Create Online & Offline Work Orders
      • Search for Online & Offline Work Orders
      • Asset and Work Order Barcode Scanning
      • Photo to Work Order Attachment
      • Update Online & Offline Work Orders
      • Approve, Initiate  and Complete Work Orders
      • Add & View Worklogs
      • One KPI Report

OjOLure Framework 1.1 (Feb 2013) 

      •  Adding Photos to Offline Work Orders.
      •  Create Asset feature with Photo as Asset Attachment
      •  Integration with Google Map
      •  UI various Enhancements

OjOLure Framework 1.2 (Mar 2013) 

      •  Nearby WO (Searching Work Order on the map within selected radius)
      •  UI Enhancements

OjOLure Framework 1.3 (Mar 2013) 

      •  OjOLure Framework support the iPad format

OjOLure Framework 1.4 (Apr 2013) 

      •  Adding the Labor Reporting feature

OjOLure Framework 1.5 (May 2013)   

        •  Adding the Planned Material feature
        •  Adding the Issue Material to Workorder feature

Before connecting, enter the settings page and add your Maximo server info. The hostname can be simply the Maximo server name or IP address.

It can be as well a virtual URL as displayed in the example.The port number is optional as it can be contained already in the virtual URL.


In most of the cases, the Hostname will be the public IP of your Maximo server and the port is the Maximo port number.

You can as well choose the connection protocol, whether your connection is http or https. We recommend you to test your Maximo connection on Safari inside your device first, if having a connection issue.

The Timeout is in Milliseconds, it's the maximum waiting time before getting a response back from the server. Ex: if the timeout is set to 20K millisecond, this means that if no answer back from server in 20 seconds then OjO WO should abort the connection and give a timeout message.

The Maximum number of returned records is to prevent the scenario where your search criteria returns huge number of records. Ex: setting the Max to 100 will return Maximum of 100 records any where you pull data from Maximo.




In the login page you can interact in real-mode with Maximo by simply entering your native Maximo user/password and clicking signin.

Note that Maximo automatically use the default site/org in the WO Creation/Search.

After signing in, you can add a default location and see the default Org / Site in the favorite page.

Mobile App Development

With the explosion of mobile devices especially smartphones and tablets, the demand to access the info from anywhere has become more and more required and essential for the continuity of the business.

Our Services

We provide consulting, design & development services for organizations that want to extend their traditional app to mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone & Blackberry.

We’d be very pleased to speak with you regarding our capabilities.


OjO WO offers an option to scan the Asset barcode. This will allow the users to scan and create a Work Order in very efficient way, search the workorder of a scanned Asset and even scan a Work Order code to get the full details on your device.












The best way to describe the Barcode scanning in OjO WO is in this short Video.