Before connecting, enter the settings page and add your Maximo server info. The hostname can be simply the Maximo server name or IP address.

It can be as well a virtual URL as displayed in the example.The port number is optional as it can be contained already in the virtual URL.


In most of the cases, the Hostname will be the public IP of your Maximo server and the port is the Maximo port number.

You can as well choose the connection protocol, whether your connection is http or https. We recommend you to test your Maximo connection on Safari inside your device first, if having a connection issue.

The Timeout is in Milliseconds, it's the maximum waiting time before getting a response back from the server. Ex: if the timeout is set to 20K millisecond, this means that if no answer back from server in 20 seconds then OjO WO should abort the connection and give a timeout message.

The Maximum number of returned records is to prevent the scenario where your search criteria returns huge number of records. Ex: setting the Max to 100 will return Maximum of 100 records any where you pull data from Maximo.




In the login page you can interact in real-mode with Maximo by simply entering your native Maximo user/password and clicking signin.

Note that Maximo automatically use the default site/org in the WO Creation/Search.

After signing in, you can add a default location and see the default Org / Site in the favorite page.