OjOLure Mobile Framework is a modern extension of IBM Maximo on mobile devices. The OjOLure FWK is a set of libraries used to create an interaction between Maximo and mobile ressources.

OjOLure FWK is used to create Maximo apps that can be packaged under the name of the customer and to includes only those functionalities required for the customer business.

OjOWO is a prototype app generated from the OjOLure FWK, OjOWO help the users manage Maximo Work orders/Assets in a modern/mobile way. With OjO WO you can Create Asset and Work orders in an efficient way using your mobile resources. You can simply use your mobile camera for barcode scanning and for taking photos that will be attached to your assets/ WOs.

OjO WO interacts with Maximo in real-time mode as well as offline mode. Real-time interaction is done simply by using predefined standard 7.x Web services, minimum configuration is required on the Maximo server side. To make OjO WO efficient, we have added the barcode scanning option using simply the device camera with no additional accessory.  With the version 1.1 and 1.2 we have introduced the Google Map Extension in order to better localize a workorder.

OjO WO is currently available for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Does your business require extra functionalities and features? OjOLure team provides effective solutions Tailored to your Business Needs. 

  • altLogin PageAllow the users to connect to Maximo remotely with the native user & password.You are not connected, no worries, you can create offline work orders and submit it once the connection is back.
  • altMain PageWith OjO WO you can create Work Orders or Scan a barcode to report directly a WO on a specific asset. The Main page has a search utility,an option to submit offline Work Orders and a unique KPI report.
  • alt Barcode ScanningYou can use the scan button to scan the asset and WO barcode. Reporting a WO on asset was never that simple. Scanning is done by using the mobile camera. No extra device is required.
  • alt Search PageMany criteria were added to this page to enhance your Work Order search. You can scan an Asset Barcode to list the related WOs.
  • alt WO List PageThe WO search will list the WOs with an icon representing their priorities. You can tap on the item to select/unselect it. This page will allow you to Approve/Initiate and Complete the selected WOs. You can edit each WO in the list by clicking on the Pen Icon.
  • alt Worklog PageYou can add/view worklogs on the selected WO.